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Phillip and Richard Moore

Phillip's son, Richard made a profession of faith in 2001.  In July of 2006 Richard confessed that he had never been saved.  Richard said he didn't really understand salvation at that time.
We praise the Lord that on July 6th, 2006 Richard was born into the family of God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Here is a picture of Richard then and now.

Richards father, Phillip, was saved on March 1st of 2003.  We have been ministering with this family for some time now.  We praise the Lord we are able to be a small part in such a big work as the Family of God. 





The Rebuck Family

The Rebuck Family moved away in June 2004.  They were such a blessing to the church.  We keep in contact and they are still serving the Lord in Pennsylvania, USA.

Brian and Diane have been saved for several years.  They witnessed their two sons come the Lord during 2003 while being part of this ministry.

Rebuck Family

Mrs. Clyde
94 years young.

She began to come to our church in March of 2002 as the result of a tract being placed through her door by my daughter Alyssa. 

Mrs. Clyde has not been able to come to church like she used to.  One thing is for sure, Mrs. Clyde will have no problem going to heaven.  She is very happy to tell you about her salvation and to brag on Jesus.

She tells me she prays for me every day.

Allen and Helen Steele

Allen and Helen were saved after a Wednesday night meeting here at the church.  My pastor, Bro. Floyd Perry had preached a tremendous message that night and the Spirit of God was dealing with souls.  There granddaughter, Naomi, also was also saved that night.
Alan and Helen have moved on to another church now, but they are still in our prayers, our hearts, and we praise God we were able to present the Gospel to them and see their precious souls saved.  

The Averill Family

Russell started coming to our church in August of 2003.  He has been a tremendous blessing to our congregation, bringing to our services a smile on his face and the Lord in His heart.

Russell's son Craig and his wife, Katrina, have both made a profession of faith but have never fully surrendered to the will of God for their lives.

Russell has been faithful to God and desires his family to surrender to the Spirit's call.


Rodney, Charmaine, and Naomi Steele

This family have since moved from our church, but we are thankful our ministry reached into their lives.  


 Andrew Evans began attending our church a couple weeks before my wife and I went on furlough in 2004.  When we arrived back in Limavady he was much assured this is where God would have him to become a member.

We welcomed Andrew and Sandra as members in November of 2005.  Their children are Daniel, Adam and their recent addition Rhoda.

Both Andrew and Sandra were brought up in fundamental Christian homes and have been serving the Lord faithfully for many years.

It is a blessing to have them to be part of Roe Valley Independent Baptist Church. 



Wilfred was saved at our church in 2004.  Russell Averill led him to the Lord in the back room of the church after a Wednesday night service.

He has a great mind in remembering the scriptures and has stood several times to give his testimony and to recite hymns and Christian poems.

Wilfred testifies that he was a drunk until the Lord saved him.  A man saved late in life, but given the same benefits as the rest of God's children.