When Jesus Is In The House

Mark 2:1-12  ....it was noised that He was in the house.

  V. 1 Gives us a picture of the religious world at the time of Christ as well as the day in which we live in .  The largest religious place of worship in Capernaum, the town where Jesus was during this event, was a Jewish Synagogue.   Today the largest religious structure in the town of Capernaum is a Catholic chapel built over the traditional site of Peter's mother-in-law's house.
  The point is this.  The largest religious structures in the cities and towns throughout the world are usually not where Jesus is.  Sure, they have a cross and depictions of Jesus throughout there buildings, but they do not have the true message of the cross or the presence of Jesus in their midst.
  Thank God for the small remnants scattered throughout the world that worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth according to the pattern given us in the New Testament.

Because Jesus was in the house

v.2  Preaching Will Be Prominent  Not singing, not drama's, not Bible studies, but Preaching. 

v.3-4 There Will Be A Concern To Bring The Lost To Christ

v. 5 Forgiveness Will Be In Place.  When John the Baptist saw Christ coming in John 1, he did not say, "Here cometh the Lamb of God that will heal all diseases".  Nor did he say, "Here cometh the Lamb of God that will teach great doctrines."  Although Christ did all that, He was introduced as the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.  The Lamb that died to give us forgiveness.

v. 6 -7 When Jesus is present there will be criticism.  The ones who are "sitting there" doing nothing for the cause of Christ will create the most problems.

  Little did they know the truth when they declared, "Who can forgive sins but God only."

v. 8 -11 When Jesus is present He will handle all critics.  He will be able to hush the mouths of the ones who doubt.

v. 12  We Never Saw It On This Fashion.  Every day with Christ is fresh.  How many times have we ate a meal and said, "That is the best meal we have ever eaten?"  How many times have we heard a preacher and made this statement, "That was the best message he has ever preached?"  It was probably not the best meal or the best message, it was, however, fresh.

  This is the way it is many times in the House of God when He is present.  We leave saying, "I never saw it on this fashion."

  Question:  Is God present in your church?  Do you have the preaching, the witness, the forgiveness, etc...
  I pray you do.  And I pray that many times you leave your church house saying, " I never say it like that!"