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Hebrews 11:7  To The Saving Of His House

   In this passage we see
  I.   The Coming of the Lord
  II.  The Compassion and Love
  III. The Condemnation of the Lost
  IV. A Christian Life (Heirs of righteousness)

A Christian life is consumed with Christ from morning till evening.  This kind of life will result in not only appreciating the things of God, but also a participation in those things.  Bible study, prayer, church attendance.

  A life truly consumed with Christ will no doubt have a concern for the lost.


  What a blessing it is when we have a heart for the lost and witnessing is a very central part of our everyday life.
  It was for the early church and this accounts for the phenomenal growth.

  A witnessing church will be a growing church because of the law of sowing and reaping.


  We are out of balance when we are more concerned with winning the world and working the ministry than we are with our own family.  (To the saving of his house.)


  Our family can be hard to win but they should be the ones we try the hardest to win.

  It has been said that one good friend is worth more than 1000 family members. 


  This might have been said after trying to witness to a family member.

  Jesus said “Mat 13:57 … A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.


  It is interesting that this passage of scripture is used in all four Gospels.  Anything repeated in all four demands serious thought.


  Columbus could not find his countrymen to believe in him. 
  This thought does hold weight because family are familiar with you.  But this does not excuse our interest in our family.


  It was Andrew that ran for Peter.  It was the rich man in hell that had concern for his brothers.  Mary and Martha cried more for Lazarus than the others.  Even Jarius was more concerned for his little girl than he was for the sick woman.  Even Peter prayed for his mother-in-law.  Eunuchs have no family, but are to be fervent for the Lord.


  If we do great works in the ministry and touch tens of thousands of lives in this world yet place our immediate family on the back burner, what will be our excuse?



  It was, “To the saving of his house.”
  An example of favoritism is found in God and His Son.  Not extreme favoritism to the point of ignoring all others, but a measure of natural affection.


  To the Saving of His House we see:
1. Concern (moved with fear) implications were phenomenal. 
    There was going to be a flood.  Very serious situation.
    Today people are acting as if nothing is going to happen.

2. Consistency.  (prepared)  55 to 75 years in the making.  A lifetime    

     of testimony.
3. Conversion (Saving, rescue, deliver.)  The payday.  We will see souls saved.


  One of the greatest works you can do is lead your family to Christ.  God may use other men and women in your life to plant seed and water, but your concern, your prayers, your mentioning their name to others will be the determining factor in their eternal life.