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Acts 16:30  What Must I Do To Be Saved? 
(The Salvation of the Prison Keeper)

It all started with Paul and Silas in prison. (v.23)

Most people don’t consider and realize our salvation has been born through others sorrows.
It isn’t necessary to know this before salvation, but to learn the seriousness of this in our Christian walk should make a difference to how we treat “so great a salvation.”

* Christ’s sorrows were necessary for our salvation.

  There will be sorrows and discouragements after salvation.
  We are headed for an unprecedented situation in the coming generations here in America concerning freedom of “Born Again” Christianity. 

v.25) Their relationship with God overcame their circumstances.
  When troubles and trials come, it is a test of true conversion, regeneration, salvation…Mat. 13:19-22 tribulation, riches…
         Their fellowship with others gave them strength.
         Their purpose in life was un-wavered.

This morning we are looking at the
Salvation of the Prison Keeper and how it relates to our own conversion and the conversion of others.

Events that led to the prison keepers salvation.

v. 26) Natural Disastors  (Usually don’t last)
v. 27) Personal Problems (Usually don’t last)
v. 28) Compassion and Concern from others.
  (This is the one that can win the lost)

 What happened When God started working on the prison keeper?

v. 29 He wanted out of darkness
         He sprang in…saw the immediate need
         He came trembling…conviction

v. 30) There must have been a seed planted in his life
v. 31-32) We quote v. 31, but what about v. 32?
v. 33) Baptism is still important.  It will not save, but it is scriptural.  (comes after conversion, never before)
v. 34) Salvation will yield results.

1.      Christian Fellowship outside the church
      Rejoicing in your faith.

 I.               Our Circumstances can lead to others salvation.
               God still saves in the old fashioned way.
             People still respond to salvation with fruit.