Romans 14:1-16


This is one of those areas that is not so easy to live by.

  All the “in your face” chapters in the New Testament are easily preached, practiced, and used as a gauge to measure other Christian maturity and separation levels.


  This chapter teaches the Christian that everyone isn’t going to believe the same when it comes to standards and convictions, but that doesn’t mean they are “ungodly” or wrong.

  We have a great responsibility to uphold Christ in our life and will one day give an account for what we have done with this truth we have been given.


(v.1-6)   A Look at our Faith.
  What does it mean, “weak in the faith?” 
  First of all we are dealing with people who know perfectly well that Christ saved them through faith.

  There salvation does not stand on refraining from meat and keeping certain feast days.


  Some Christians were once idol worshippers and some where Jews that kept the feast days.
  Salvation came and Christ gave them new life, yet their conscience will not let them escape certain activities or allow them to participate in certain activities.


  We are all weak in some areas and strong in others. 

  Our faith is strong in an area if we can come in contact with sinners and not fall into their practice, it is weak if we must avoid certain people, places, and activities to keep from falling back into the lifestyle the Lord pulled us out of.


  Music, movies, activities (beaches, theaters, concerts, etc…)



(v.7-9, 13-16)  A Look at our Purpose.
  It is not about us, it is about the Lord.  How can our life reflect Jesus?
  Not a movie star, singer, or professional athlete, but Christ.


  How can we win others to Christ and not push them away. (v.13)


  There are some grey areas that are always brought up.  Tattoos, piercings, smoking, drinking, dating,


  We are a witness to those around us, but more importantly, we will stand before God one day for our actions.


(v.10-12) A Look at our Judgement.

  One thing is for sure, it will not be me or another preacher or brother that is going to judge you in the end.

  We will not be concerned about how our neighbor acted on that day.

  It is going to be the righteous judge.


  Illustration of the news broadcast about the arrests in Burke County.

  Our judge will be different.


  Luke 12…servant.
  Ezek. 33…sound of the trumpet