Mark 1:1-10    

                    Preach Like John The Baptist
  (A look at John the Baptist as a comparison to our life.)


I. The Person of John the Baptist

  1. The Role of John the Baptist….to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

     2. The Resources of John the Baptist… the Holy Ghost and Parchments.

·         We need God’s Word, mind of Christ, obedient spirit.

·         Prayer and Ministry of the Word. (Acts 6:4) 

      3.  The Response of John the Baptist…(John 3:30 He must increase but I must decrease)

II. The Presence of John the Baptist
     John was noticeably different in his

1. Dress - What people saw / how he was perceived.  People are looking at us and measuring us up.  We must have a countenance of Christ.

2. Diet – What John took in.  - What we take in effects our ministry.  Spiritually and physically.

3. Duty – Concern for others.  We are involved with people because we have a duty.  We are concerned. 

III. The Purpose of John the Baptist

  1. Voice – personal contact.  (Jonah, Nathan)  Preaching method is still the same today.
  1. One – We may not win the popularity vote    Noah, Elijah, Jesus (One supreme sacrifice, not millions of half hearted.)
  1. Crying – to speak with a strong voice

Tearless hearts can proclaim truth but cannot herald passion.

Town criers believed in their words.

       4.   Wilderness – dry, barren, no fountains or pools.
               He will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish.  
               Seven years, Carry in India, Judson in Burma.
               Can’t dry out or blow away the truth. 

IV.  How can we Participate in the Kingdom of God like John?

·         John was born out of a miraculous circumstance.   We were born again.

·         He died in an uncompromising situation.  We died to the things of this world.

·         He had to be taken out of the way for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.                               We too must move aside and let God work.


  Let God take us out of the way.
  Let God use us to usher in His kingdom
  “May your kingdom come”