Luke 2:1-6 No Room In The Inn


  It was a cold winter night, Joseph was walking letting his wife, who was great with child, ride on the donkey into Bethlehem.

  When they get into town Mary begins to feel that it is time for the baby to be born.

  The innkeeper refuses to allow this couple accommodations and they are forced to seek shelter in a stable.

  There baby Jesus is born, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger.

  Soon shepherds appear and then Kings from the east bearing gifts.

  Then in the distance they hear a sound, a beating sound, a drumming sound.  It is the little drummer boy…


  All this makes for a good Christmas play, but it is not all straight from the Bible.
  Whenever man has opportunity to add his touch, it’s usually with both hands, molding it into what He wants  it to be.


  None of the core truths are taken out but several upgrades have been added.


  (v.6) They had been in Bethlehem for more than one day.

It was Joseph’s homeland, “his own city.”


  They had family and friends, and possibly an inheritance because they ended up in a house by the time the wise men came.

  Which means the wise men were not there on this particular night.


  Mary also offered a “poor persons” offering to the priest for her purification according to the law.
  After the wise men gave their gold, she would had no longer been in that category.


  This gold would help finance their flight into Egypt to escape the cruel hand of Herod and allow the family to provide for their son, because it was God’s Son.  God was in charge.
  He knew this family’s stewardship and obedience.


  (v.7a) This is the first time she wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes and laid him in a rock hewn bed, but there would be another.

  The word manger is only mentioned three times in the Bible, all here.
  The Greek word used to translate manger is “fatney” and only used one other time for “stall.” It was the crib, manger, the stall.
  Mary would have the myrrh available for His death.

  Mary, the sister to Martha and Lazarus had ointment stored for years.


  (v.7b) There was no room for them in the inn.

  This is not necessarily offensive but normal in this situation.


  Many people were in Bethlehem during this time.  There was not an abundance of hotels and motels?  This was no tourist destination but rather an inconvenience to most.


  Family’s shared their homes with livestock.  People do today with dogs cats and birds, etc…

  Back then they needed them.


  There was no room for them in the inn.


This is the thought this morning concerning your life and Jesus.
Is there room for Jesus in your life.


1.      There could had been room made.

2.      People have made excuses for years. 
a. The Devil keeps us occupied with cares of the world that will pass away. Marriage supper. (Ourself)

b. The Devil keeps us ignorant from the truth and well informed by the world. (world)

c. The Devil throws just enough confusion in there to make it unreasonable to even consider Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.  (All the different religions and denominations)  Man at Wal-mart and KKK (church).

3.      Men may not find room for Jesus, but Jesus will always have enough room for man.
  Any background.  Shepherd or king.
  Any situation. Woman at the well, man at the pool, etc..