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Philippians 3:1-14


New Yearís Message.  Moving Forward in Christ


(v.1) Repetition is the greatest way to teach and to learn.


Habits are developed through repetition.

Grammar and math are taught through repetition.

Assurance, reaffirming, trust is developed through repetition.


(v.2) Warnings are good.

They save lives, they save body parts, they save embarrassments.


  Here they save us from false teachings that cause us to go down the wrong path.


  The greatest teaching we can learn is about salvation.

  The greatest warning we can have is to trust in anything else other than salvation through faith in Jesus.
  It is then our goal and our responsibility to tell others and to live accordingly to this truth.  Salvation


  (v.3-6) Paul could had trusted in his 1. Obedience to the law, 2. Pedigree, 3. Righteouseness, 4. Works,


  Not only do we see salvation here, but also what we can have in the world compared to what we can have in Christ.

  An abundance of worldly achievements and standings will end at the grave and have caused many to miss heaven.



  (v.7-8)  The mentality of Paul concerning this world compared to Christ.

  (Heb. 11:24-27; 38)


   (v.9) This is the true salvation, Jesus Christís righteousness.


 (v.10)  to be acquainted with His character.  To understand the power of life that exists in Christ over death.
  To know the worldís hatred and Satanís operations to suppress the truth and to make Christians out to be idiots.


We do not live by this verse, but perhaps we can learn too.


(v.13)  1. Evaluation.  I have not arrived.

2. Determination.  We donít continually reflect on the past or on our failures.

3. Direction. We do, however, look forward and pray to be where God wants us.


  Have you ever seen a winner of a race?  Are they casually crossing the finish line?

  Letís have this mind set to  move Forward in Christ