Getting Into The Family

Genealogies are not usually the highlight of Bible reading. We do find some interesting facts when we read the genealogies of God's people in His Word. Here in Matthew we see the plan and work of salvation in our lives through the four women mentioned in the genealogy of Christ.
As we see these four women, we could ask, "How did they get in there?" The same question could be asked as to how we got "into" the family of God.
The questions will be answered by a brief study of these women.

I. Tamar - Sin Before we come to God we have to admit that we are sinners.
Read Genesis 38. That neat little chapter snuggled into the story of Joseph. You will find that Tamar is not noted for her morality and integrity. Judah is not remembered for his either.
In Tamar we see that we are sinners. The reason God loved Israel is not because of there sinless, god fearing attitude. He loved them because it was His nature to love. Israel made a calf a week into the journey with Moses, yet God did not give up on them. Our sin separated us from God, but not from His love. Tamar is a reminder that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.

II. Rehab - Through Rehab we see the next step of salvation.
Rahab's story is in Joshua 2. We find that this, not so virtuous, woman was received with gladness by the spies because of her faith in the God that the Israelites served.
It is through faith in the story of Jesus that we come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

III. Ruth - Everyone knows the theme of the book of Ruth is grace. It is also the theme of our salvation.
Where would Ruth had been if she had not found grace from others. She found grace from her mother-in-law when she moved back to Bethlehem with her. She found grace from Boaz in the barley fields. She found further grace from the nearer kinsman in allowing her to be redeemed.
Our salvation plan begins and ends with grace.

IV. Bath-Sheba - We see the security of the believer.
When we think of Bath-Sheba, we usually do not think of honor, respect, or loyalty. We don't think much about her at all. Our minds quickly turn to that moment in time when King David slipped into the realms of sin to satisfy his fleshly desire.
Bath-Sheba shows us our condition in Christ after salvation. We all know the results of sin is death. This was the initial result of the sin of David and Bath-Sheba. Yet, sin did not separate God from Bath-Sheba. We can see in her life the security of the believer.
One good thing about being born again from above and to fellowship with others of like faith is that major doctrines do not have to be explained again and again. On the mission field where security has never been taught it is a lot different than to be in the midst Baptists and make the statement, "Once saved always saved." One of the most difficult doctrines to drive home on the field has been eternal security.
The result of sin in the life of a believer is broken fellowship, not relationship. We can see this in Bath-Sheba.

Through these four women we see the plan of salvation. 1. We must admit we are sinners. 2. We must come to Christ through faith. 3. We receive salvation through grace and not of works. 4. When we are saved, we are saved.