1 Cor. 11:23-34  The Lord’s Supper


 An ordinance means it was ordained by the Lord Himself during His earthly ministry.  An ordinance is not a sacrament.  No blessing or grace channeled through the act.


  This was related directly to Paul (v.23)


  This is all about remembering Christ and His death.  It is not about remembering our sin, there is a challenge for us to examine ourselves, and this is to recall our salvation and sincerity in our walk with Christ.


  v.26 has a word “shew”. This is not “show”, but rather a word that is elsewhere translated , preach, teach, declare,


  This ordinance declares unto us great truths concerning our Savior.


1.      He died for our sins.  It is His grace and mercy, not our works and ability.

2.      He is coming again. 

3.      We must never depart from these truths.


1.      Look Back.  V.24-25

2.      Look Up. God on the throne is in constant care of us.  His plans for us, His amazing patience, His all-surpassing wisdom, His programme of training, His mighty power toward us.

3.      Look Forward.  We will stand before Him.  Live for today. (.26)

4.      Look Within. Examine ourself. (v.27-29)

5.      Look Around.  “tarry one for another.”(v.33)