Genesis 28:10 Jacob our true Relative

The apple doesnít fall far from the tree.

I. Our Conniving.
Jacob = supplanter; he was a conniver, under-miner

He connived to get to where he was and what he wanted.

All things come back to you. You will reap what you have sown. Jacob did.

Even in his state of conniving, God had His hand on his life.

God will not give up. Remember Jesus knew the disciples would betray, stray, and go away, yet He continued to give them strength and love.

II. Our Commision.
(v.13-15) Jacob was to carry on the seed of God.

It is up to us to plant the seed, carry the news, etcÖ

III. Our Commitment.

v.16) Youíll find God at the most unexpected places.
v.18) You need to remember those places, because youíll need to bring them fresh to your mind at times.

Genesis 35:1-7
If we want an organization, we can have one. Iím not looking for an organization, Iím looking for and organism, a living body.

Have faith in God for the hour. God called us out for a distinct purpose. We are to fulfill the Word.