God's Mercy (Seen through His Dealing with Cain)
Genesis 4:16 

    In chapter four we find God's mercy reaching out to a rebellious man, Cain, giving him every opportunity to turn from his rebellion and follow the God of creation.

  Let's look at Cain and God's Mercy

  1. Cain's Rearing (v.1)
       a.  Parents - Good godly parents.  No doubt wanted the best for Cain.
       b. Brother - The personalities of siblings can be as different as night and day.  One turns out completely different than the other.  Both had the same parents, education, and surroundings.
       c. Education - He didn't go to a university, instead he learned from his parents.
       d. Occupation - He was a tiller of the ground.  We can look into this and ask if Cain was ever jealous over the fact that Able had the visibly easier job of watching over the sheep compared to the laborious duties of tilling the ground and raising crops.  We do not always have it as easy as our brother.

  2. Cain's Religion (v.3)-  He believed in God.  He knew God existed and brought offerings to Him.  Many people are religious like Cain was.  Many are religious like Cornelius was.  Religion does not save.

  3. Cain's Rebellion (v.4-7)- He refused to acknowledge the blood, the death, the offering God set up. 
    I believe that his parents told them the whole story about the Garden of Eden and how God provided a way of fellowship with him through the death of a substituted sacrifice.  Cain was no doubt rebellious to this thinking in his mind that there was some other way to please God.

  4. Cain's Revenge (v.8) He came against his brother.

  5. Cain's Reward (v.11-12)  Cain had the opportunity to do the right thing, yet he chose not to and therefore he received his just reward.

  6. Cain's Reaction (v.13-14)  Before Cain was very short with God in asking, "Am I my brother's keeper?"  Here Cain cries to God for mercy.

  7. God's Response (v.15)  Mercy.  God had every reason and every right to destroy Cain from the face of the earth, yet he protected him from the threat of others wanting to kill him.

        The conclusion of this lesson on the life of Cain is to see God's mercy displayed on the life of a rebellious man.  How much more is God's mercy shed on the life of a child of God.  He has mercy for us.  Mercy in abundance.  Mercy ever enduring and ever true.  
        His forgiveness is for ever and ever.