Genesis 3:1-24  Still The Same from the Beginning


  The book of Genesis is called the book of beginnings for obvious reasons.  It deals with the “beginning.”

  One way we interpret the Bible is the law of first mention.  In other words, when a subject is mentioned in the Bible for the first time it usually continues with that same meaning throughout scripture.

  We are going to look at three characters in this book that have kept their same identity, characteristics and attitude throughout the Bible narratives and into this present age.


I.                   Satan

    1. Subtil – Crafty.  You do not read where he forced this fruit upon them. 

  You don’t read where he says, “Eat of the fruit.”

  He simply made them aware that it was available.  (god of this world)
  He is doing a good job with this in these days.    (Mat.10:16)

  2. Beguiling - He lied about the outcome. (v.13))


  3. Still Going – He is like the energizer battery bunny.  But not to be laughed at.  (v.14) …shalt thou go.
Job 1:7  And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.)


  4.  Has a Demise (v.15) And he knows it.  He will take as many down as he can.  He will keep you from being a witness if he can. 

     The purpose of restoration is for the benefit of others.

         (Psalm 51:12-13  Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee. )


II.                Mankind

  1. Continues to question God’s Word because of the influence of satan and the flesh.  (v.4-5)
  Explain it away,


  2.  Give in to the flesh not regarding the circumstances  (v.6)


  3.  Cover our sin.  (v.7)  Abortion, HIV cure, addiction programs advertised by the culpret, etc…

  4. Finds agreement in Company (v.6)  ABC stores, night clubs, display windows, …everybody’s doing it!!!


  5. Running from God.  (v.8)
  (Rom.1:19-32) (Gen.6:3) 


III. God
1. Knows  -  the creator knows what makes us tick.  (we send items back to the manufacturer.)

2. Rewards and Punsihes sin  - not a nice word.  Hated, despised, avoided, etc…

3. Forgives. – Mount of Beatitudes compared to Mount Sinia.
  Then look at Mount Calvary

 4. Gives – (v.21) more than we expect.  We know the reason for the coats, but the heart that gave them.


  5. Protects – (v,24) What we can’t have is for our benefit in the long run.


  Where are you today?  The same as Adam and Eve, Satan is still the same.  God is still the sam. 
  What kind of forgiveness can He give you this morning?
  What is He protecting you from that you are fighting against?
  We have not changed, and praise God, He has not changed.