Ezra 3:1-13


Ezra was ordained of God to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  It was for told by Jeremiah and carried out in the days of Cyrus, king of Persia.


It was Gideon in Judges 6:11 that was hiding from the Midianites and called, “Thou mighty man of Valour” by the angle of the Lord.

It was Moses that said, “I am not an eloquent man.”

It was common fishermen that Christ chose to follow Him and become great leaders.


We don’t know anything about the calling of Ezra, only that God was present in his life. Ezra was the man for the task at hand.


Ezra wrote most of 1 and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and is accredited to Psalm 119.
It is said he led a counsel of 120 men who formed the Old Testament canon.


Tremendous leader and qualified for God’s utmost service.


I.                     I. Presence of God. (v.1-6) After the call to return to Jerusalem, Ezra got busy.

The first thing that happened at Jerusalem was the building of the Alter, for this was the most important thing that could had been built.

The wall was military and political…the alter was spiritual.

Confession was made. Humbleness.

Sacrifice was made.

Faith was practiced.


II.                 II. Provisions of God. (v.7) There was a need for supplies.


III.             III. Preparation for God. (v.8) It took nine months of preparation.  4 months of travel.


IV.             IV. Praise to God. (v. 9-13)  In the simple things of God.