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  Esther 4:14  For Such A Time As This

  Esther lived in a dark time.  It was a time of captivity.  God’s people had been taken from their homeland and forced to  
  live in a far country.  Much like the situation of today’s Christian.

  She became known as the woman who gave a miraculous delivery to God’s people.
  We too should stand in her footsteps and offer a delivery from the enemy.




This is a mission message outline. 

The Story of Ester, excerpts from the story as an introduction.

In Esther 4:14…For such a time as this…we see


I. God’s Insight:  …who knoweth?  God knoweth!
  God never asks a question that He does not know the answer to.  His questions are for our  contemplation and our understanding.
  1. God knows your Position: Your job, family, school, prison, etc…

  2. God knows the Plan on how to get the job done with you.
  Samaritan besiegment, Gideon and broken vessels, David and Golieth, Jesus and the Cross, and of course Esther.
  Your circumstances are not coincedences.  We do not live by Murphy’s Law.
  Not everything we do is God’s divine will, but Romans 8:28 is.
  3. God knows the Purpose is for His King


II. Our Involvement: thou are come into the kingdom
  1.  We See Our Calling.  To pray (v.16)
preachers, missionaries, evangelists, are reserved for a few, but prayer is open to all.  It is the highest calling.  The most fought occupation, and the greatest resource of all.
  Satan fights preaching, but we preach anyway, in season and out of season.  It is a "have too" situation at times.  A scheduled event.  When God is nowhere around, we still preach.  We get recognition from the Brethren for preaching, we get a pat on the back and positive feedback at the front door as we shake hands after the service.
  We get none of that with prayer.  It is the most fought responsibility in our Christian life.  The prayer closet has recognition from God only.
(Mat. 10:38) First need in missions; (Mat. 6:6) Father's guaranteed reward;  (James 4:1-3) Fought the most by the Flesh
   2. We See Our Co-operation.  Team work, not, “who is better”, but what it is about.  It is about salvation and eternity.  All must work together.  One faith promise gift can’t get the job done.
   3. We See Our Courage  …if I perish, I perish.
  It is our availability, not our ability.
  The three Hebrew men of Daniel could have been a reminder of courage.  Daniel in the window. 

III. The Worlds Immediate Need: For such a time as this.
 1.  Death is Imminent.  Once to die and then the judgement. (Hebrews 9:27)
 2.  Decisions are Impending.  This judgement will lead to an eternity in hell. (Rev. 20:14-15)
 3.  Directions are Indistinct.   It is up to us to make the directions for escape clear (pulling them out of the fire; Jude 23)
   It is not about our luxury, our ease, our safety, it is about rescuing the perishing.

   For such a time is this.