Psalm 61:1-4  A Song of David

  Todayís songs do not always have content.  Davidís songs were always full of content, full of depth, and full of God.

I.)                  David Loved Attention (v.1) From God.
To demand Godís full attention.  To go boldly into the throne of Grace.

II.)                David Lived with Affliction (v.2a)
Cry, heart overwhelmed, end of earth.  These are afflicted thoughts and feelings.
David was unrecognized and chosen last by his father.
Position as King was put on hold for many years.
Children and wife turned against him
Sin with Bathsheba and murder made him the talk of the town.
Others throughout Godís Word.

III.)              David Longed for Ascension (v.2b)
Take me higher Ė this world is not my home.  Higher Ground, lift me up beyond the shadows.

Lead me Ė I canít get there on my own.
Even though He is higher than I, I can still get there.

IV.)             David Knew Godís Affection. (v.3-4)
He will be our Salvation, our Security.