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When you mention windows today computers come to mind. When you look at the windows in the Bible spiritual applications come to mind. People looked out , where thrown out , escaped out , sat in, fell out , and prayed out of the windows mentioned in the Word of God.
Today windows let in air, let in light, allow us to see out, etc... God's word does the same.
Let's look at some of the different people, places and circumstances relating to windows in the Bible and ask your self, "What window am I at?"

I. Windows of the World

1. Jezebel's Window of Destruction (II Kings 9:30-37)
She was a blasphemer, a God hater, a preacher hater, a liar, a thief, a murderer, etc....
She got what was coming to her when she was thrown from the window.
God's word says the wicked will perish. Jezebel's wicked lifestyle caused her destruction and the
wicked lifestyles of the worldly will one day bring destruction.

2. Michael's Window of Discouragement (II Samuel 6:16, 20-21)
She tried to discourage others from worshipping. She tried to say that God was not in it.
There are people sitting in this window all the time and looking for anyone to look down on and

3. Eutychus's Window of Danger (Acts 20:6-12)
Here sits the church member. Here sits the one on the pew of the local Fundamental Church.
Sitting in the church, surrounded by saintly Christians and a man of God preaching the word, yet
having his eye's on the things of the world.
Present but not Participating, Professing but not Possessing.
Eutychus had good surroundings. Lights, true doctrine, Christian fellowship, etc...
Even though his slothfulness caused a great fall there was still hope. And there is hope for any one
in this dangerous position. Fellow brethren we must bring them back.

II. Windows of the Wise

1. Rahab's Window of Deliverance (Joshua 2:1-18)
(v.1) She was a harlot --- we are sinners
(v.10) She believed ---- we are to believe in God's salvation
(v.12) She asked for deliverance --- we are to call out to God
(v.18) She let down the Scarlet cord from the window --- we are to have faith which produce works.

2. Noah's Window of Discernment (Genesis 6:16, 8:6-12)
(8:7) Raven is a type of the old nature.
(8:8) Dove is a type of the new nature.
(8:10-12) The new nature inside of us should long for the things that bring life. We should know the
difference between life and death. We should have discernment after deliverance.

3. Daniel's Window of Dedication ( 6:10)
The world tries to regulate our belief, they even use scare tactics against our convictions and
Daniel didn't suffer the consequences, he faced them. We need to be at the window of dedication
Through ridicule and misunderstanding, God's blessings are at this window of dedication.

Are you in a window of the world or a window of the wise?