Our Responsibility in the Harvest  Genesis 8:20-22 


For generations and throughout history the time of harvest was a time of rejoicing. (Thanksgiving and backwards…)

  There was much hard work and labor involved throughout the year.    Preparing the land, planting the seed, praying rain.

  There was a fight:  with weeds, beasts, insects, thieves – right up to the last cutting of the last stalk of barley.


  For the biggest part this generation takes the harvest for granted.  There are exceptions, but most of us rely on the grocery shelf more than the field.

  I have only one experience with gardening.  I would like to have more.

  The Harvest is still important.


  The first mention of harvest is found in Genesis 8:22

  It carries with it the promise of a perpetual harvest till the end.

  There have been good years and bad, but we have experienced the promise of the Lord for thousands of years.


  Of course this is speaking of the physical harvest.
  God uses earthly truths to illustrate or explain heavenly facts.  The harvest is one of them.


  Jesus speaks many times of the harvest of this world.  When the angels come to reap.  The wheat and tares, etc…


  Speaking of this harvest Jesus calls it: great, plenteous, ready, at hand.
  And just like the physical harvest will continue until the end so will the spiritual harvest.

  The difference between the two is, we are to participate in this harvest.  We are called to labor in this harvest.


Our Responsibility in the Harvest


v.20)  To Love God and to Serve Him
v.21)  To Appreciate the Love of God

v.22)  To Participate in the Harvest


1.      Remain Faithful – Noah was an example of faithfulness in the highest degree.

2.      Invite Friends and Family – Noah invited his family.

3.      Wait on God (v.13-14) God was not ready for Noah to jump off the ark at this time, even though the ground looked dry, it was not prepared enough to do the work.

4.      Make it a Matter of Prayer and watch God work. – The most important element of the Christian life in every area is prayer.


    There is a harvest to work in.  We are called to work in this harvest. 
    Have you put forth your effort to “bring them in?”