1 Kings 3:1-28 A Mothers Love in Relation to Christ’s Love


v.1)  Why Solomon married this woman has been questioned through the centuries. 

  There is great evidence that this woman did him no harm compared to the others he married in the future, in taking him away from God to idols.


v.2-3)  This “worship” is called into question but His relationship is brought into the light.


  Solomon loved the Lord.  This is in direct relation to
2 Samuel 12:24…and the Lord loved him. 
We love Him because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19


  *This just goes to show us that there is always room for growth, always room for learning.
  God never changes, but man sure does.  It is best when we begin to change into what God wants us to be…


  v.4-15) Solomon’s great gift of wisdom.
   v.10; 12:

if…v.10)  We are not puppets on strings.  We choose to do what we do.  Situations happen beyond our control, but our actions are in our control.
  Thermostat or a thermometer.


  Solomon’s great wisdom was first put to the test with an unusual case:



1.      (v.21) The Presence of her son was First in her mind.
We just want to know where our children are.
War, city, college, friends, etc…
She missed the feeling of having her son in her arms.

Christ desires to know where we are.

2.      (v.26) The Protection of her son was worth Fighting for.
Mama’s dream.  She would go to great lengths for her children.

Christ went to great lengths for His children.

3.      (v.26) Her Position was worth Forfeiting over. 
Giving up the essentials, giving up the major…

Christ gave up His position…for a time.  Willing to leave heaven and the spiritual abode to come to mankind.

  Phil. 2:5-12  Is your salvation secure in Christ?