I Thessalonians 5:12-15  The Ministry of the Members

ch.1)              The Model Church
ch.2)              The Man of God
ch. 3)             The Members
ch.4:1-12)     The Morals of the Church
ch.4:13-18  ) The Meeting in the Air
ch.5:1-11)     The Method of Christ’s Return
ch.5:12-15)   The  Ministry of the Members
ch.5:16-28     The Maturity of the Members


v.12-13) How you act toward the Laborers

  know them / esteem them / among you – Be aware of the position we are both in.   
  This is part of the spiritual walk.  Church, Bible, Pastor, etc…
  Heb. 12:7; 12:17; 1 Peter 5:2-3;    
  which labor / for their work’s sake – Preaching is the glory, the exciting part, the easiest part.  Acts 6:4
  over you / admonish you -  rule, maintain, Eph. 4:11-12
  be at peace – a sense of “I’m doing it right.” There is no need to fear.  James 3:1


v. 14-15) How you act toward Others
  warn the unruly
–refuse to listen to truth.
  comfort the feebleminded – some are always falling and have low self esteem.
  support the weak – some have fallen and down trodden.
  be patient toward all – there is a great need for patience when dealing with people who have much problems.


v.16-22) How you act Yourself
  v.16) rejoice evermore – have cheer at all times.

  v.17) Pray without ceasing

  v.18) Give thanks in everything.
  Blessings deserve praise
  Bad times demand patience

  v.19) Quench not the Spirit – that is, do not cease to fuel the spirit.

  v.20) Despise not prophesying – it is not miracles and tongues that allow you to grow, it is the Word of God.

  v. 21) prove all things – make a habit of comparing truths with truths.

  v.22) Abstain from all appearance of evil ­– no one will ever do wrong by staying away from  those things that may not be wrong, but have a possibility of being interpreted as evil, wicked, grievous.


  v.23-24) God’s Actions toward us.


  v.25-28) Paul’s Salutation.