Genesis 1:14-19  Seeing God in the Stars


v. 3-5 show there was light before the sun, moon, and stars.

(National Atheist founder in Palm Beach seminar said he became an atheist early in life because of this passage.)

He should had read the rest of the story.


God made these extraterrestrial bodies for us.

He is in the supplying business, need meeting business, not willing that any should perish business, not having us ignorant..


1.      Sun divides night and day and gives seasons according to the tilt of its axis.  (Ozone is eaten by radiation, not hairspray)

2.      Days – 24 hour rotation

3.      Years – 365 ¼ rotations to circle the earth

4.      Signs – Satan has used the stars for divination.

Bible strictly forbids such activity – horoscopes, future reading, Saul’s life was cut short by God because of divination.


  Same Hebrew word translated for sign is mark, token, standard, proof, miracle, ensign, warning,

  God used many signs in the Bible: Gen. 9:12 token – rainbow

  Gen. 17:11 sign – circumcision. Ex. 31:13 sign – Sabbath

  Baptism, Lord’s Supper,

  Aarons rod that budded was a token, stones on the bank of the Jordan was a sign, Cain had a mark placed on him, it goes on and on.


  Here God said He gave us lights:  Sun is the father, moon is the church,



Whenever you look at the stars you can see God.


I.                   Omniscience – All knowing 
(Psalm 147:4) 
He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.
(Psalm 139:2)  Thou knowest my downsitting and my uprising, thou understandeth my though afar off.

II.                Omnipotent – All powerful
(Josh 10:12-14) sun was stopped
(2 Kings 20:9-11) sun went backward
Able to accomplish all His will – Abraham
Zachariah’s prayer  (we are the problem)

III.       Omnipresent – Ever present
Even on a cloudy night (why aren’t the stars out?)
They transcend the limitations of space through darkness, coldness, and silence.

It is not a question of how far away the stars are it is a question of how far away we are.

He is present this morning at church, in your living room, at a bedside, hospital, funeral home and graveside.

Is He present in your life like He needs to be?

He knows all about you,  He is able to do much with you, He wants to be welcomed in your life.