Gal. 1:1-24  The Gospel Has Not Changed

As we live in this world, many things change. Some for the better, eg. Indoor plumbing, etc…

Some for the worse, eg. Morals decay, absence of virtue and standard, etc…

In the church house some things change, buildings, sound systems, people.

However, some things should never change and one in particular, The Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ, the lifting up of the Word of God as the standard by which all the world must live by, else judgment from God will fall.

We can find a definition of the Gospel throughout the Word of God, from Adam to the lake of fire.

In Gal. 1-24 we see some major characteristics of the Gospel that should be present in every Bible believing church, every church patterned after the New Testament local church.

There must be preached, practiced, and proclaimed,
I. A Delivering Gospel (v.4)
1. What has happened? Rescued from danger. Known and unknown.
Plucked out, never to be returned.
2. What were we delivered from? The mindset of this generation.
3. How did this happen? Christ died for our sin.
Our problem was no unhappiness, physical, emotional, or financial discomfort. All these are the results of sin, but none were the cause of sin. Our sin came from our birth.
We had a sin problem, it was common, convienient, controlling, and costly, but praise be to God, it has a cure.
John the Baptist cried, “Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.”

II. A Distinct Gospel (v.6-9) One of a kind, there is no other.
If you do not follow this path, you will not make it to heaven.
The gate is narrow, but never shut.
There is no other Gospel to compare, no other category.

III. A Defining Gospel (v.10-16)
Brings out your passion (v.10)
Brings out your Past (v.13)
Brings out your Purpose (v.15-16) As an individual, as a church.

This church may change in appearance but it should never change in doctrine.