1 Samuel 8:19 Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us;


When The World Is In View

v.5) Leadership is so important; in a nation, an army, in the home, and in the church.

v.6-7) We take it personal when people reject Christ.  It is not us they are rejecting, but Jesus.
  We are ambassadors, representatives, we are family, loyal followers.

v.9) God has never lied, kept us in the dark, or set a trap. 
  Satan has lied, kept us in the dark, and set traps.

v.10-18) God has shown us the true consequences.  Although Satan has tried to cover it up, we can see the true consequences of sin.

v. 19) Yet: When the World is in View

I.    You find sin attractive (v.10-18)  It appeals to the flesh, everyone is doing it. Immediate danger is obscured.

II.  You Forsake Godís Word and Godís Man (v.19)  find faults.

III. You Forget Where You Came From (v.20;8)  (ch. 7:3-17)

IV. You May Get What You Want (v.22)  (Psalm 106:10-15)

  We live in a world where people have turned back to the beggerly elements.  People have returned to their own vomit, they have returned to the wallowing in the mire.  It is our responsability to continue to be a light in this darkened world, to be salt in this petrusive society, and to be a drink of water in this barren land.

  We see Samuel was a man who continued to 1. Pray, 2. Remain Pure, 3. Keep His Patience.  We are to follow this example.