1 Cor. 2:1-10 The Deep Things of God


v. 1-2)  Greece was a place of high culture. There were many philosophers, free thinkers, and orators in their cities.
  Greece would later be home to such men as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the like.  Of course their forerunners were alive when Paul stepped on the scene.
  He could had came prepared to debate with the best of them.  He could have given eloquent speeches of interest and intrigue, but Paul had his mind made up not to join in the ranks with the mindset of the world.
  And he determined that his main objective was going to be to preach Jesus and Him crucified


  Paul had no doubt studied about their beliefs and philosophies and could had argued against their thoughts and teachings, but he was not going to join the ranks with the world.

v.3)  His past experiences in Thesalonic, Berea, and Athens could have caused him to have this attitude.
  Paul knew he didn’t have the strength. 
  Though he was a bold and authoritative in his presenting of the Gospel, he was also a man.  He was not a supernatural man, but just a man as we are.  Elijah was a man of like passions as we are and I am sure Paul was too.
  He knew he didn’t have the strength to persuade men, only God did, he was also aware of the consequences of preaching the Gospel. (Fear and Trembling)


v.4-5)  Though Paul knew people were impressed with eloquent speech and a presentation that was flawless, He knew that what he had to say did not rest on his personality or his ability.  It must rest on the power of the Holy Ghost.
  Power of God vs. Wisdom of men.
v.6-7)  The
perfect refer to those who are saved, who have an understanding of the only truth that is real.
  Unlike the philosophers and the scientists of the day that had many thoughts, known as worldly wisdom, compared to salvation that is supernatural

  This mystery is the greatest of all truths that can be told.
  What if you never heard the story of Jesus before, can I use your imagination.
  I have preached and presented the Gospel to people who have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, but my highlight would be to speak to people who have never heard the name Jesus or the elements of the story.

  The creator of the universe and the world had a Son.
  He was born of a virgin.  He did many miracles to show is deity.  He was sinless His whole life through.  He was crucified on a cross unjustly for us.  He laid in a tomb for three days.  He rose from the grave.  He ascended into the heavens.  He promised to come back again.  If we believe we can have His spirit to control us and to guide us.

  v.8)  Kings usually know more than the subjects, the government and military more than the civilians, and the princes more than the poppers.
  What a story to be “known.”
  They heard it but did not embrace it.  This is like so many.

  So many have heard, but do not accept.
  Because of philosophies, because of eloquence, because of leaders, because of Satan (hidden).


v.9)  This verse does not stand alone.
  Upon salvation, the Spirit moves in making a change in your life.
  This change produces a knowledge that only God can give. “all things”.


The Love of God, in yet while we were yet sinners.
The Limit of God, how far He came and how far He will go. (Romans 8:39)
The Loyalty of God, he will never leave nor forsake you.